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Nov 07

Why I Still Go To EPS

Just today, I received my first real reply to my post about EPS being a bad school from Mr. L. J. Salazar, father of our very own L. Salazar. He writes his message as follows: If I recall correctly, You mention the quality of the students as your criteria for assessing whether or not the …

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Oct 26

Why EPS Is NOT a Good School

Looking at the title, especially since it’s on my school blog, one would think, “What the heck is this kid thinking!?!“. I thought the same, but I have a point to make. EPS is a small school: 243 students in 8 grades. Acceptance is high because the school needs new students. It’s how it survives. …

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Oct 25

Albert Einstein, You’re Wrong!

Particle Accelerator

Antonio Ereditato, physicist at the University of Bern, and head of Opera, the Oscillation Project with Emulsion-Tracking Apparatus, recently led his group to make what might just be one of the biggest discoveries in physics since Albert Einstein’s time.  Using the machine pictured at the right, a particle accelerator, at CERN, the European Center for …

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Oct 19

Engines, Refrigerators, and A/Cs

The most interesting thing I read about Atoms and Heat was the actual process that refrigerators and air conditioners use to cool enclosed areas.  Both use mechanical energy to increase the temperature difference between two areas.  In other words they cool an area by heating another.  They do this by reducing the pressure in an …

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Oct 15

I Am A Flying Teddy Bear

I destroy the evil oranges in the twilight dawn of the Australian plain. I construct red knapsacks for carrying on my knee like a knight in the night. I streak through the sky like a falling strip of metal expanding in the atmosphere. I jump into the tight grip of the unwanted sadness falling from …

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Oct 10

Melting with Metal

[youtube][/youtube] Now you’re probably thinking, what the heck does that video have to do with my title, and in fact, what the heck does my title mean?  Well, that’s what I though, too, until I actually thought about it.  The video above talks about the concept of sweating, which is the human way of surviving …

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Oct 05

Check-In on Mousetrap Vehicle

This Check-In was written by C. Nolan about our Mousetrap Vehicle.  Coming Next will be the Debriefing that he wrote with us at the end. We are now two weeks into school and it is time to check in. In classes I have noticed that one of the most helpful things we have done in …

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Sep 19

Talk Like a Pirate Day

The pirate speaks,”T’ gray slips through me fin’ers as I whisper through t’ windy willows. I feel t’ wasps strin’in’ t’ branches o’ t’ great ship’s mast.”  

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