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Feb 21


Alas, after tracking the Bully Project for many months, I watched Bully last night. Since many of my readers know me personally, these people know that I am highly against bullying and believe greatly in inclusivity and equality, despite the fact that the community that I am a part of is one in which this …

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Dec 05

The Development and Decline of the Society of the Indus Valley

While civilization under the current definition first developed in the Fertile Crescent, also known as the Cradle of Civilization, great civilizations soon developed in many other parts of the world.  However, much like the civilizations of the Fertile Crescent, some of these civilizations, especially the Indus Valley Civilization of modern Northwest India and Pakistan, ended …

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Nov 07

Wealth & Technology

Wealth and technology from Akshay Chalana

Oct 04

I Find Beauty…

I find beauty in watching from a dark room as the sky begins to turn yellow, the sun slowly receding behind the tall trees. I find beauty walking through an autumn tunnel of orange-yellow trees as small chill begins to take effect. I find beauty silently sliding through a corridor of looming evergreen trees on …

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Apr 12

London 2012: Day 2

On Sunday, April 8th, 2012, my family and I met with a friend that my dad works with, who I will refer to as Mark. We started the morning early with a breakfast of a latte and a sausage buttie from Starbucks.  We then bought Oyster cards at the Covent Garden Underground station, and took …

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Apr 08

London 2012: Day 1

Taxis in London

After a long day of flying from Sea-Tac to Heathrow through Toronto, we arrived in London near 9:00 AM. Of course, the time difference meant that we were arriving in the middle of our night, so waiting in line for an hour at the British Border was hell. Despite my picture of London as a …

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Mar 25

Perfect Markets and Supply and Demand

According to Tim Harford’s book The Undercover Economist, a perfect market is a market where competition and efficiency are perfect.  List prices mirror manufacturing prices, so generally competition is very even, as any change from one company directly causes change in another.  The key to this is that everyone tells everyone else everything.  Products aren’t …

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Mar 19

China vs. Taiwan: A Dissolving Conflict

China vs. Taiwan: A Dissolving Conflict On October 10, 1911, China’s weakened Qing Dynasty was ended by the Wuchang Uprising.  A new nationalist government was created in Nanjing, to lead the newly formed Republic of China.  It was headed by Sun Yat-sen, who ruled as the head of the Kuomintang, or Chinese Nationalist Party (“Fall …

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Mar 11

Orpheus and Eurydice

Two weeks ago, my dad asked me whether I would like to go see a play. I had just auditioned for The Secret Garden at my school (I got cast as a Reader, which seemed like a fairly exciting role, but I decided not to accept it, as I wanted to play Ultimate Frisbee), and …

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Mar 10

Commerce in Istanbul vs. Florence during the Renaissance

Basic essential and Basic points of Bill of Exchange

Commerce, specifically international commerce, today, is at a higher scale than ever before.  To sustain this, both morally and strategically, many institutions, such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and NASDAQ, control trade and other economic issues.  These united organizations evolved out of establishments that controlled commerce similarly during the European Renaissance: religious …

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