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Jan 26

Don Quijote: ¿Una comedía o una obra seria?

Por supuesto Don Quijote de La Mancha por Miguel de Cervantes usa los elementos de una comedía, particularmente la absurdidad absoluta de las acciones e ideas de Don Quijote (ejemplificado por Rocinante y su casca de cartón, y la obra fue escrita con el propósito de ser graciosa, pero tiene algunos mensajes importantes y únicos …

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Oct 26

My Fatal Flaw

There’s a new project I’ve been considering after hearing about an idea a classmate is pursuing for his Ethics & Entrepreneurialism final project. This project would be a fulfillment service for charities that would automate the resale of goods from a fundraiser to maximize impact. The problem that this is rooted in (as cited by …

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Dec 09

Snapshot Multicultural Biography

Race, to me, is defined by the way one’s physical appearance seems to classify them as part of a larger group that shares these physical features.  In reference to me, it is clear that my race is Indian (distinguished in the eyes of any person from Asian, but not in most forms and such) by …

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Dec 08

Race Matters Exhibit Reflection

While a point brought up over and over again by the Race Exhibit at the Pacific Science Center was that race doesn’t have any scientific backing (that there are no biological traits which are truly unique to any given group and that, at the skeletal level, there are virtually no distinguishable differences between groups), it …

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Sep 15

The Distraction Addiction

Alex Soojung-Kim Pang’s lecture about his book, The Distraction Addiction, was a piece for the conscientious members of the modern tech-savvy community.  For this reason, it was necessary to understand the mentality of this group of people, especially those who are tech-savvy or at least major users of technology.  The author was a member of …

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Sep 15

Death of the Author

“For him, for us too, it is language which speaks, not the author; to write is, through a prerequisite impersonality (not at all to be confused with the castrating objectivity of the realist novelist), to reach that point where only language acts, ‘performs,’ and not ‘me’.” This claim is interesting in that it seems to …

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Jun 18

El círculo de relación

La relación entre Tita, la protagonista, y Mamá Elena, la antagonista, en Como agua para chocolate por Laura Esquivel, es el conflicto más grande de la novela.  La razón por este es que Mamá Elena no quiere que Tita se case con el hombre con quien está enamorada, porque quiere que Tita se quede con …

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Jun 09

Big Media Meets Online

Each of the products mentioned in these articles are instances of media that is commonly distributed through one form being distributed through the Internet on a much different scale and in a way that the companies who formerly ran the system are highly against.  The first article is about a company called Aereo which allows …

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Apr 18

The Continuing Effects of Japanese Apathy on Peace

The apathy that becomes apparent in the mindsets of the survivors of the explosion of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima negatively affects the future of Japanese society by reversing Japanese social ideas and preventing extended anti-nuclear and peace efforts. “The weapon was referred to in this word-of-mouth report as genshi bakudan—the root characters of which …

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Mar 10

La Bohème

Today I saw my second opera at the Seattle Opera in McCaw Hall, La Bohème. Set in Paris in the 1830s, Giacomo Puccini’s Italian masterpiece tells the heart-wrenching story of a set of artists who play out a story of despair, hope, and love.  A very well known piece, it is the basis for the …

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