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Feb 26

AutoPap as a Pathology Template

In a world centered on information, knowledge about ourselves and the conditions that affect us are the greatest medical tool we can wield.  When it comes to diagnosis, modern technologies are continually creating systems that are easier and cheaper to implement, and vastly more accurate.  Developed in the mid-1990s and now used nearly universally for …

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May 05

Sophistication of QTL Search for IQ Heritability through Multivariate Analysis

Correlation of Variation in IQ

As humans continue to evolve, both technologically and physically, the speculation of scientists has become how technologies that allow artificial modification of life can be applied to the focus on the advantages of this evolution specifically addressing the values of today’s society: intelligence and the leadership qualities that it fosters that can fuel innovation.  At …

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Jan 31

Undeniable Identity – DNA Fingerprinting

Tommie Lee Andrews, Kirk Bloodsworth, OJ Simpson.  What do all of these supposed criminals have in common?  In all three of these people’s trials, significant evidence was offered through an interesting, and increasingly important method known as DNA Fingerprinting.  Though modern technology offers a wide variety of processes for this purpose, often involving the increasingly …

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