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  1. Evolution of Nature in Art — June 8, 2015
  2. Eco-Terrorism and the Wilderness Part 1: Considering Intention — June 8, 2015
  3. Rebellion vs. Love: Wannabe Adults? — April 19, 2015
  4. AutoPap as a Pathology Template — February 26, 2015
  5. Don Quijote: ¿Una comedía o una obra seria? — January 26, 2015

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Jun 08

Evolution of Nature in Art

Upon the discovery that the Seattle Art Museum exhibit that I had hoped to see was not in fact on display until 2017, I undertook the task of finding a progression of the portrayal of nature in the SAM’s collection over time.  I hoped to better understand, at least from an artist’s perspective, how the conception …

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Jun 08

Eco-Terrorism and the Wilderness Part 1: Considering Intention

2005 Dream Garden Press

Note: A number of the sources I cite are from ProQuest.  If you don’t have access to them, email me.  I can get you pdf copies. After 9/11, Americans universally sought to explain terrorism.  We explored the involvement of religion and ascribed jihad as the driving factor behind the actions of al Qaeda and its …

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Apr 19

Rebellion vs. Love: Wannabe Adults?

Rebel Without a Cause

As a teenager, so much of the prospect of adulthood embodies compliance, loss of purpose, and settling for much less than one could hope for.  We live in a complex epoch, and persistently being told that we can be whatever we want to be inspires within us only obfuscates our views of our personal futures.  …

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Feb 26

AutoPap as a Pathology Template

In a world centered on information, knowledge about ourselves and the conditions that affect us are the greatest medical tool we can wield.  When it comes to diagnosis, modern technologies are continually creating systems that are easier and cheaper to implement, and vastly more accurate.  Developed in the mid-1990s and now used nearly universally for …

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Jan 26

Don Quijote: ¿Una comedía o una obra seria?

Por supuesto Don Quijote de La Mancha por Miguel de Cervantes usa los elementos de una comedía, particularmente la absurdidad absoluta de las acciones e ideas de Don Quijote (ejemplificado por Rocinante y su casca de cartón, y la obra fue escrita con el propósito de ser graciosa, pero tiene algunos mensajes importantes y únicos …

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Jan 25

Combating Resegregation

As a whole, resegregation is most certainly something which our society must do all it can to avoid. With a rapidly increasing wealth gap across the board ethnically, such efforts are a core aspect of ensuring that the future American education system truly enables social mobility and the growth and sustenance of the middle class. …

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Nov 13


ReachVote from Akshay Chalana

Nov 13

My Role in Democracy

What role in and what impact on the election process do party politics, campaign finance law and the media have? In essence, all of these serve to polarize the opinions represented in politics.  Because of the fact that alternating, yet close, majorities arose in the form of two parties, a system has been generated, via …

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Nov 07

Bicycles for Cultural Change

East Side Riders

To an urban planner, one of the most essential components of a successfully designed city is ease and sustainability of transportation: particularly through public transit and bicycle accessibility in non-walkable circumstances.  However, the greatest hurdle that designers with such priorities face in the United States is an American mentality that opposes the reduction transit facilitates …

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Oct 26

My Fatal Flaw

There’s a new project I’ve been considering after hearing about an idea a classmate is pursuing for his Ethics & Entrepreneurialism final project. This project would be a fulfillment service for charities that would automate the resale of goods from a fundraiser to maximize impact. The problem that this is rooted in (as cited by …

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